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From Finland Kang Maisi (KOLMEKS) is a leading global manufacturer of pumps and motors, design, production, sales and after-sales in one, specializing in centrifugal pump design, production. Founded in 1945, it has 70 years of industry experience, has been providing customers around the world stable, reliable and efficient products and services.
● By Industry
Kang Maisi excellent product performance can be used in water plants, sewage treatment, heating systems, elevators and other industries.
● Products
Kang Maisi products include:
Pump Product: L series pump, MV (S / SS) series stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pump, ESP Series end suction pumps, DSP series of open double suction pump, MH (S / SS) series of horizontal stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps .
LE-conversion pump pump frequency.
Electrical: OEM motor products, special motors, electrical accessories.


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