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Germany TURCK Connectors

\  TURCK (Turck) is the world's leading automation brands, covering nearly 15,000 kinds of its rich variety of sensor products, industrial field bus product, process automation products and a variety of interfaces and connectors products for factory automation and process automation to provide a efficient and systematic comprehensive solutions.
● By Industry
Turck proximity switches are widely used, common in the steel, chemical, automotive, medical and laboratory technology industries.
● Products
     The first category is the proximity switch type and process type of sensor. Proximity switch type sensors are used to detect the position of the target object and is divided into inductive, capacitive, magnetic inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic, and other forms of special type, more than 5000 varieties.
     The second category is industrial fieldbus products. Turck combines the world of fieldbus products of advanced experience and technology, development and production in a wide range of industrial control applications stations, connectors, cable connectors and high-quality bus products to support a variety of open-bus protocol , is the link input and output devices to open the bus the best choice.
     The third category is the process automation products. Including isolated Anquan Shan, bus intrinsically safe remote I / O systems, explosion-proof products and a number of bus-controlled components, to meet the petroleum and chemical industry explosion-proof requirements, and to ensure signal isolation and transmission hazardous area and safe area between the . EXCOM Bus fence combines bus technology, barrier technology and I / O technology to replace the traditional system architecture, system security taken an important step in the development process.
     The fourth category of the connector system. Including a variety of industrial connectors, flange connectors, type field wiring connectors, various sensors and actuators sub-line systems, explosion-proof connector, a variety of adapter plugs, a variety of on-site connecting cables and installation accessories for field wiring. The large number of applications in the field of connectors can minimizes installation time and cost of field, so that complex field wiring easy and minimize system downtime and maintenance.


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