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Taiwan Yonghong FATEK PLC

Taiwan Yonghong in 1992 by a group of design and development work for many years in the PLC engineers founded in Taiwan. All along, forever dedicated focus on small, medium and micro-PLC high-functioning markets, the creation of its own brand FATEK currently in the industry has enjoyed a high reputation. "Providing customers improve cost-effective products" has been Yonghong ambition.
● By Industry
Our products are widely used in mechanical industry, building construction industry, chemical industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, power industry, the elevator industry, textile industry and so on.
● Products
Programmable Controller (FBs series, B1 / B1z series), Servo, HMI (P5 series, C3 series and FV series) and power supply.
     CATIC Beijing Hui Tong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan Yonghong FATEK authorized dealer.


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