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Germany SICK Sensors

SICK Corporation, founded in 1946 ,, located in the southwest of Germany Waldkirch city. SICK) has established a worldwide more than 50 subsidiaries and numerous sales offices and employs more than 6,900 people, the 2014 sales of nearly 1.1 billion euros.
● By Industry
Sigg sensor is widely used, occasions automotive, beverage, electronics, food, machine tools, packaging, pharmaceutical, printing, airports, building automation, cement, chemicals, power plants and other products can be used Sigg.
● Products
Factory automation products: including factory automation, industrial security systems and automatic identification products. Providing manufacturing process control and quality assurance for the automation system, it is the most important tasks of various types of non-contact sensors, encoders and channel measurement system undertaken.
Logistics automation products: production, warehousing, distribution logistics system solutions. These include, for automated identification of traditional bar codes and two-dimensional bar code advanced program to provide logistics system the ability to identify items of radio frequency identification systems, as well as for the height, shape and volume measurements with adjustable laser measurement system.
Process automation products: SICK offers a variety of sensors and complete system solutions for gas analysis, dust measurement, flow measurement, the field of liquid analysis, level measurement.


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