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American MTS

MTS displacement sensors (MTS sensor) is the world's first displacement sensor and level gauge used in magnetostrictive technology company. Temposonics® displacement sensor high precision, accurate measurement. Currently 吕登西埃德 (Germany), Cary (North Carolina) and Tokyo (Japan), located in the development, production and sales of more than 300 employees to focus on linear displacement sensors and liquid level sensor business.
● By Industry
MTS Temposonics® displacement sensors are widely supporting the hydraulic system, through accurate positioning and thickness control and adapt to the environment of reliable, continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and other fields play an important role.
● Products
Temposonics® displacement sensor includes the following products:
R Series R Series displacement transducers provide optimal performance in industrial applications. Its powerful electronic devices and unparalleled anti-jamming capability, can provide a strong guarantee for high-precision measurements of the series.
G Series G Series smart sensors with high reliability, can be used for industrial convincingly displacement measurement. G-Series sensors can output analog, digital start / stop signal, and can be easily programmed to operate.
E-Series E-Series sensor is a magnetostrictive displacement sensors in the sequence of ordinary products, high cost, and even replace other conventional displacement measurement.
A series A series of linear encoders, based on non-contact magnetostrictive measurement technology, dual-channel output signals to provide an absolute value of SSI and incremental signals simultaneously, firm structure, safe and reliable, while reducing system cost, effective improve production efficiency.
D Series D Series sensor is an electronic device ideal alternative, the main application of plastic machinery, can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime of equipment, the main characteristics of single sensor can measure two positions, which greatly reduces the cost and installation space.
T Series T Series TH position sensor is designed for applications in hazardous areas and security areas. Magnetostrictive displacement sensor is ATEX and IECEx certified. In addition, the sensors comply with safety integrity level SIL2 standard.
L Series
     CATIC Beijing Hui Tong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is the United States MTS displacement sensor company's authorized dealers.


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