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product description

American ESCHA

ESCHA develops, manufactures and markets high-quality industrial housing connection and sealing technology, industrial connectors, seal housing and tool design, has many years of experience. At the same time, as well as professional project management capabilities, efficient manufacturing processes and modern tools accredited injection molding, overmolding and cable production technology. Headquarters in Germany, there are more than 400 R & D and manufacturing personnel. 2013, in Shanghai established a sales and production companies.
● By Industry
Ai check (ESCHA) connector is widely used, particularly in the field of automation, heavy machinery and engineering equipment is widely used.
● Products
Product categories include: connecting cable, plug, valve connectors, junction boxes, bus cables, control lines. Series include: base line, industrial automation, quick adapter, M12 × 1 constant torque, food and beverage hygiene, temperature, input / output splitter boxes, Industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS, CANopen, valve connectors, IP67, IP68 and IP69K standard custom pieces.


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