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Leader Speech
Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:
      Good morning!
      CATIC Beijing Hui Tong Automation Technology Co., Ltd., is a focus on industrial automation control integrated services traders. Since its inception, we have always insisted with the best suppliers to expand good cooperation with genuine products and services to our customers. It has become more than outstanding products authorized agents, and with a number of manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.
       We always take the interests of customers as a fundamental, adhere to provide customers with genuine products duty and that provide economic and efficient customer-driven product development to meet customer application needs!
       We have been very focused on to build their own culture, and advocate customers, suppliers, employees, four in one enterprise harmony and win-win! On this basis, we propose a "good faith, cooperation, professional, perfect" corporate culture, and to guide our actions and work.
       We know that development is inseparable from customers and suppliers to the strong support! Here, allow me on behalf of myself and my colleagues to enterprise customers express my deep respect and gratitude! Thank you for supporting us, help and love! In the future path of development, we have long-term cooperation and common development, mutual benefit and win!


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